“I do take a very limited number of birth sessions per month, so please inquire at your earliest convenience to ensure space! Most mamas book somewhere in their second trimesters, though I occasionally have last minute openings.”




One of the biggest days that will change your life! The birth of your child. The session will document some of those first moments of life with your new baby--possibly even the introduction of the baby to siblings, foot printing, a first bath or other remarkable moments. 
 I will aim to be there a few hours before baby is expected to arrive, knowing full well that none of this can be predicted to a T, but we’ll work with it! I will record your labor from the moment I arrive, your delivery, the amazing moments when you meet your precious baby, and the important details afterwards (1-2 hours after delivery) – weighing, footprints, etc.


*Pricing for a scheduled c-section is the same as for a natural birth. It is important that we work together to manage expectations with clear communication with your doctor and admitting nurses and midwives to ensure I will be granted access to the OR. Communication is key and if the doctors know how important this photography is to you they are usually very kind to make my job easier.
(Some hospitals will not allow more than 1 person to accompany you in the OR)   
            Birth photography is not “graphic” nor is it “gross” I will photograph only what you want, whether that is everything, or whether you only want the waist up, or something different – it is completely up to you!  Ultimately, my job is to document the story, and to follow the guidelines that you request.

Birthing packages DISCOUNTED $250 for first two to book.

* will come to the hospital during active labor which is around 7CM.

If you would like to request an earlier show up time please- Contact to discuss personal preferences.


I will supply 50-75 High Resolution-Edited Photos (Color/Black and white)
Aall photos deemed creditable will be received, (Each case based on individual circumstances)

Disclaimer: Amount of photos received are subjected to individual shoots and circumstances

I offer multiple packages for birth as a safely net for clients, births are unpredictable in timing and therefor i try to cover those possiblities per the clients wants.