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I am here to work with all different kind of budgets and needs as best I can. Everyone deserves special moments to be captured for a life time! 

About me--



My name is Lindsey Dawn, I am a Northwest Photographer based out of Albany, Oregon. I am Married and had my first child March 2017. 

My goal for my photography career is to specialize in Maternity-Birth-Newborn-Children and Family.
I believe every parent should have beautiful pictures capturing their child's story from the very start in mommy's tummy, to each step they take in life. Being able to do this so families can look back on these beautiful milestones, fill my heart with so much joy. 

I promise to always do my best to work with you so you can always look back at that special memory and see those moments captured in beautiful photography. I promise a high level of professionalism as I recognize the importance of documenting such important and special days.